Tamara MacDuff

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Tamara MacDuff

SEO & Social Media 

Tamara MacDuff is a dynamo in digital marketing. As the founder of NOW Digital Marketing, she has over 15 years of experience. Her unique background in the funeral industry helped her become one of the very first people to create social and online presence for funeral homes.

As a SCORE mentor, he has been honored with Distinguished service awards for her innovative and hands-on learning workshops. Her talents don’t stop there! Tamara used social media to drive a 200% increase in donations in ONE DAY for a non-profit. Her expertise extends to multiple industries including travel, restaurants, and service-based companies.

Her unique approach helps companies create human-digital connections with their online communities increasing their sales and influence.
When Tamara is not working with clients, you can find her drinking her favorite coffee with her husband or one of her 5 children. She also like to spend time with her grandchildren and friends enjoying live music, the outdoors, and a rousing game of Euchre. (Ask her about her rock star days!)

She loves to have conversations with people and believes conversations change everything. So reach out and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.