Go Far, Go Fast: The Book

Businesses that grow fast and sustain success

The author of the exciting business book Apples to Apples taught us how differentiation is key to standing out amongst your competition. Now, his latest book, Go Far Go Fast, ramps things up with insights and tactics that businesses can apply to their own growth initiatives.

Author Dan Paulson shares more about his next installment, “Just like my previous book, in Go Far, Go Fast I work to combine real world examples with forward thinking ideas. I’m interviewing some of the most successful brands that have reached high levels of growth and being fearless in the process. But unlike a lot of other business books, these aren’t just brands that you already know their stories. I’m digging deeper to find those success stories and information that the average business can relate to, and use that practical knowledge in their own operations.”


Pre-orders and are now being taken for Go Far Go Fast. 

Dan is now also being booked for speaking engagements in conjunction with the book and the Go Far Go Fast™ business system.

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