Growth Accelerator

Businesses that grow fast and sustain success

Time Reclamation

Time Is the only asset we can never recover once used.

There are only so many hours in a day.  How do you make the most of them?  Often we find our ability to get things done limited by the interruptions and distractions around us.  Take control of your schedule and free up hours in your day.

Time Reclamation WorkbookRoles and Responsibilities WorksheetTime Mapper
Foundational Leadership

Highly Successful Organizations start with a solid foundation

Begin building your Vision for your business and your life.  Define the traits of growth companies and use these traits to develop your own.

Foundational Leadership WorkbookVision BankThree Laws of Leadership
Values and Guiding Priniples

Successful Companies are Driven by

What a business won’t do can be just as important as what it will do.  HOW a company handles its business practices is what leads to sustained growth.

Values and Guiding Principles Workbook

The Pillars of Achievement

Personal and Professional Growth are defined by the
Pillars of Achievement

Why do you own your own business?  For most of us it’s a belief we can do better working for ourselves than we could for others.  Ultimately, it is a desire to chart our own path and create a better quality of life for ourselves and our family.

Pillars of Achievement Workbook

Engaging the Workforce

Having a team that is
Committed and Engaged leads to high performance

Almost 80% of employees are disengaged in their jobs.  There are many reasons for this.  In order to retain the best talent you need to create an environment for that team to thrive.

Engaging the Workforce Workbook
Managing Complex Change
My Plan Document

The Path

Growth means staying on the
Path of Success 

LYour achievement starts with having a Vision aligned with your Values.  From there, surrounding yourself with the right people is valuable.  Establishing a path to success is critical and involves setting clear goals and recognizing what success behaviors are needed to achieve results.

Achievement Path Worksheet
The Path Workbook

Understanding Behaviors

Our Behaviors define our actions.

How we act determines our outcomes.  Your behaviors set the tone of the workplace, your own ability to achieve, and establish your world view.  Knowing the power of positive impace can make all the difference.

Understanding Behaviors Workbook
Affirmations Worksheet

Leader as a Mentor

In successful companies
Servant Leadership is powerful

Are you a leader people trust?  Can they count on you when the going gets tough? Or are you the type of person who stays behind the lines and lets your team do the dirty work?  Great leaders recognize those they serve and work alongside them to accomplish great things.

Leader as a Mentor Workbook

Collaboration and Teambuilding

Great minds know the power of

How can you make your teams more effective?  Understand that you are not the smartest person in the room.  When it comes to teamwork and collaboration, 1+1 does not equal 2.

Teamwork and Collaboration Pt 1

Teamwork Part Two

Collaboration and teamwork are 
So Important

Teamwork and collaboration are so necessary to successful organizations we createed two modules to discuss it.  Your responsibility as a leader is to assemble a great team which often means conflict is soon to follow.

Teamwork and Collaboration Pt 2

Leaders and Process

 Process is the ability to create repeatable outcomes

Creating a process involves working with your team to reach the desired outcomes.  Allowing your people to create a repeatable procedure ensures consistency and cross-training.

Leaders and Process Workbook

Bringing it All Together

Bringing all the
Elements of Success  together

Direction, Path, People, Process and Measures… all are important and each element must work together to create an outstanding customer experience.

Bringing it all Together Workbook

Organizational and Personal Objectives

Your path to achievement is tied to personal and professional growth:
Bringing the Two Together

This module is a wrap up of the Growth Accelerator.  However it is not the end, but only a beginning.  To achieve accelerated growth and sustained success it requires you apply the knowledge learned.

Organizational ObjectivesWorksheet
Personal Success Path Worksheet
My Plan Worksheet