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Here is Your One-Page Plan

Want a copy of the Go Far, Go Fast! Let’s Go Plan? Here is a pdf form for you to use. If you need someone to review your plan, you can receive a complementary 30 minute assessment. Complete your plan and schedule your meeting HERE. Click this link to download a copy of the plan:…
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Let's Go! Webinar - Plan Your Growth

Let’s Go! Webinar: Plan Your Growth

Planning is an important element of business. Having a working action plan can make the difference from having record sales or going bust.

Let's Go! Webinar Series

Go Far, Go Fast! Webinar Series.

Brought to you by Dan Paulson of IDI Executive Coaching and ConsultingSponsored locally by The Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce In August I am launching a webinar series designed to help small businesses find ways to improve and grow during these difficult times.  I invite you to join us for our first event.August 11, 2020, 12:00…
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What About B.O.B? Eight Steps to Prevent Burnout

Many successful entrepreneurs have grown an enterprise that extends beyond their own skillset. Work is either delegated to outsourced contractors or a handful of employees. This helps complete more projects and grow sales. Yet I found many owners suffer from a common trait that doesn’t discriminate based on the size of business or number of employees.

The One Question You Should Constantly Ask Yourself

Asking what you want is a grounding question. When applied to a particular scenario it can help a leader resolve issues.

Why You Should Never Want a Drama Free Workplace

dra·ma – an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances. Recently I saw a post advertising a workshop for creating a drama-free workplace.  At first glance that sounds like it would be wonderful.  No conflict.  No emotions.  Just people showing up and working the day away allowing you to focus on…
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Change Waits For No One

At the time of this writing I am sitting in a coffee shop far from home.  I am not here because of a business meeting or speaking engagement.  Instead an unplanned event brought me to Denver, Colorado, to celebrate the life of my Uncle who recently passed.  For the first time in many weeks I…
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Getting Balance When None Exists

The only way to achieve balance is to realize you will never have it.

The C8 Corvette - Credit: Chevrolet

What are You Willing to Do to Grow?

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been into cars. As I’ve gotten older not much has changed. One particular model has always had a soft spot in my heart. The Chevrolet Corvette. I remember seeing pictures of them in my dad’s car magazines. Heck even the astronauts from the Apollo moon missions drove…
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What is Your Moonshot?

Credit: NASA Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the first time we sent a man to the moon.  Coincidentally it is also the same day I was born.  My running joke is I was so special they sent astronauts to another celestial body to celebrate.  This event has always held a special place in my…
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