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How Do I Get Out of My Own Way

by Joya Dass My business coach Dan Paulson asked me to write a few lines on how do I get out of my own way as an entrepreneur. This is a good question, because I would wager that I am my own worst enemy sometimes. I grew up with parents who were super hard on…
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Tara Rae Bradford

What You Need To Know When Making An Important Decision

By Tara Rae Bradford Here are 5 steps you should go through before making any important decisions so you can avoid regretting your decision later and you can try to avoid learning things ‘the hard way’. Antonio Damasio is seen here during his TEDtalk on The Quest to Understand Consciousness(Photo Credit: TED) As much as you…
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How To Know When to Pitch (and Ditch!) When Networking

I’ve been attending networking events for many years now and I’ve learned a couple of things that may be useful. It’s helpful if you’re not a natural at networking. I’m going to give you 4 tips for making new quality connections while avoiding networking vampires.

Is It Nagging or Is It Persistence?

Who wasn’t told to stop “nagging” when they were a child? The truth is that children are the very best salespeople.