Go Far, Go Fast! Webinar Series.

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Go Far, Go Fast! Webinar Series.

Let's Go! Webinar Series
Brought to you by Dan Paulson of IDI Executive Coaching and Consulting
Sponsored locally by The Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce In August I am launching a webinar series designed to help small businesses find ways to improve and grow during these difficult times.  I invite you to join us for our first event.
August 11, 2020, 12:00 PM
Get Paid: New Techniques to Collect Payment in a Touchless Society
Presenter: Rick LenzCOVID has changed the way we do business. Many restaurants and retailers are doing all they can to minimize contact to keep their employees and customers safe. So what can you do to manage this risk while controlling your costs?
What you will learn:
– New ways to handle payments
– What technology is available to help small business owners
– What are the differences between using a traditional payment processor and online applications like Stripe, Square, or PayPal
– Discover where fees are hidden and what common practices are used that increase your costs.

Rick Lenz has over 28 years of payment industry experience. He has helped companies of all sizes understand the complex world of payment processing by uncovering the tricks processors use to mislead business owners.
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