Month: June 2019

Businesses that grow fast and sustain success

How to Avoid the 3 Deadly Sins of Selling

Marketing is not sales…repeat after me, marketing is not sales. Like that old refrain…you can’t one without the other.

Successful Social Media

Sometimes it seems as if success on social media is like a unicorn, often dreamed of yet rarely seen. It is possible to be successful on and with social media for your business, honest!

Sometimes You Need to Go Slow to Go Fast

Building a company that can withstand rapid growth requires more than the ability to move quickly.

What’s a Fractional CFO and Who Needs One?

by Richard Veltre Although “fractional CFO” sounds like complicated math, it’s really a simple concept – take a full-time CFO and ask him or her to work for your company for less than full time (so, a ‘fraction’ of his or her time). Some of you will ask, “OK, so what is a CFO?”  CFO stands…
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There is No Reward for Hard Work

For generations we have been sold a lie that with hard work and determination you will be successful. The reality is hard work does little to guarantee any success you may have. I grew up on a dairy farm so I was no stranger to physical labor. My parents instilled early on that working hard…
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Some Favorite Business and Marketing Books

By Randy GunterRead any good books lately? I used to read all of the time, these days I tend to listen to book on CDs and podcasts more than I actually read the books. Of course Dan Paulson and the pit crew have their books, but I thought I would suggest a few of my…
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Increasing Profits

By Randy GunterIt’s always gratifying when clients have record-breaking sales performances. Although we would love to take all thecredit for this, it really is more about their leadership and attitude than anything else. For most companies, the end of ta quarter becomes a measuring stick on their success, and also signifies a time to reevaluate…
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The USP Myth

By Randy GunterAlmost every ad agency in the world subscribes to the USP—the Unique Selling Proposition. What they typically tell their clients is we need to find the one thing that makes your company unique in all of the world, and that is the message that we are going to extoll in all of our…
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FTC Guides for using testimonials

By Randy GunterSome time ago the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adopted a set of Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The guidelines talk about celebrity endorsements, blogging endorsements, use of testimonials in general (including non-celebrities), and sponsored testing. On the FTC website is a pdf document that you can read about it…
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